Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ybor City shoot has been postponed

Today we learned that our model Bianca’s mother had fallen ill and that she would not be able to attend this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to set a date sometime soon as Pam and I are really excited about this opportunity and Bianca if you’re reading this, we hope your mother gets better […]

Honorable Mention in ‘In Focus’ Newsletter

I thought this was really cool so i’m writing a post about it. Ann Ullery, the editor for In Focus, has written an article about us in the monthly newsletter for the Chasco Camera Club. Thank you so much, Ann! This is the first time I have ever had anything published about me so it’s […]

On location in Ybor City, Tampa

Just wanted to let you guys know that Pam has booked us a shoot for this upcoming weekend (June 1, 2008). we will be revisiting the loverly Ybor City for this one. I dont know what it is but Ybor has a great feel to it when it comes to portrait photography. the atmosphere there […]

Photographer gets harpooned

Well, if you have not heard the news already… Ryan McGeeney, a newspaper photographer for the Standard-Examiner in Provo, Utah has apparently gotten a little too close to the action during a high school track event and caught a javelin in the leg just below his knee. i wonder if the student that hurled the […]

Special Effects in Black & White Film Photography

Coming into photography during the digital age I’ve never known a thing about shooting film. It has always been an intriguing subject to me and i’ve always wanted to try it at least once. So this is about some techniques that i use all the time and i have recently learned about in the world […]

Chasco Camera Club

Today i had the opportunity to be a guest at one of the Chasco Camera Club meetings. for my first visit it was definitely more than i had anticipated. they hold meetings twice a month and on the first meeting they try and find someone to speak about certain aspects involved in photography. This meetings […]