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So last week I put together a website for a friend who sent me a pretty sweet little GoPro camera. I absolutely love this thing! Already having some fun with it too. Can’t wait to get our quads running better so we can head out the track or to the pits and get some nice […]

WordCamp NYC 2009

WordCamp NYC is this weekend at Baruch College, CUNY and it’s going to be a blast. Just finished packing my bags and getting stuff ready for the trip up there tomorrow. A couple buddies of mine ( Matt Martz & Brad Williams ) are giving lectures at the conference so i’m really excited about those […]

My New Nephew

My already amazing family has been blessed with a new baby boy!! The minute I recieved the call from my sister in California with her wonderful news that she and her Husband, Ernie, now have a new baby boy I was online with Southwest airlines booking my flight!! I wanted to surprise everyone there and […]

Congratulations Matt & Michelle – A Wedding on a Whim

The other day we had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Matt and Michelle and it rocked!! i coulnd’t be happier with the results and i think that the bride and groom are going to be just as happy when they see the results. with only 4 days of planning, they pulled it off […]

Last Few Weekends

Travis and I have been very busy traveling our beautiful state the last few weekends. We have discovered some fantastic places for pictures as well as for fun. We have both decided we just have to get underwater gear now because there is a whole other world down under water. Photography has enriched our lives […]

Ahoy Matey! A Pirate Filled Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. For the weekend we went up to north Florida to visit my family and just take a little vacation. The day after we got there we ended up shooting a wedding for some friends of the family. I think the photos turned out great for the most […]

family fun

Last week on June 9th, I went for a trip up to North-West Florida to visit my family for a week and while I was there I had a chance to take some photos of the family. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take all of my stuff with me so umbrellas, light stands, adapters and […]