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Rockus Maximus Retro 2009

Each year Pasco County Libraries puts on a free concert with amazing local talent and this year was amazing.  Travis and I had the wonderful task of photographing this years concert.  It was a blast!! We had such a good time with all of the bands and all of the volunteer’s.  Check out both of […]

Congratulations Matt & Michelle – A Wedding on a Whim

The other day we had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Matt and Michelle and it rocked!! i coulnd’t be happier with the results and i think that the bride and groom are going to be just as happy when they see the results. with only 4 days of planning, they pulled it off […]

The Four Horseman

Well it’s been a couple weeks and the post has been delayed a little but I’ve finally gotten the time to tell you guys all about it! We started off down at a neighbors house setting up before everyone got there and getting ready. Once the horseman arrived it was a lot more than i […]

Upcoming events

We haven’t been doing a whole lot in the way of professional shooting, we have just been enjoying the summer time with the kids so far.  We took them to Orlando for four fantastic days and  had a great time!! A few events we do have on the schedule are, September 7th: Photo shoot of […]

Ybor City shoot has been postponed

Today we learned that our model Bianca’s mother had fallen ill and that she would not be able to attend this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to set a date sometime soon as Pam and I are really excited about this opportunity and Bianca if you’re reading this, we hope your mother gets better […]

On location in Ybor City, Tampa

Just wanted to let you guys know that Pam has booked us a shoot for this upcoming weekend (June 1, 2008). we will be revisiting the loverly Ybor City for this one. I dont know what it is but Ybor has a great feel to it when it comes to portrait photography. the atmosphere there […]

A portrait shoot with attitude!

Yesterday my girlfriend and I begged her youngest daughter (15) to let us do her makeup and take her outside for a portrait shoot. So after a bit of bartering she agreed to let us at the cost of a mere $10, hehe. The shoot turned out really well except 1 umbrella was damaged due […]

My morning at the Golf & Country Club

Well, this morning was beautiful. low laying fog everywhere and perfect for some photos. i love taking photos when it’s foggy outside. it really adds a lot to an image. an atmosphere that adds wonder to an image. adds emotion. so… i decided i wanted to go out and see what i could find to […]