Dynamic Favorites WordPress Plugin

Sep 29 2009 2 Comments

Populates the favorites drop down menu, introduced in 2.7, with links based on actual page accesses. Lists the pages you actually use most.

Tracks admin page accesses and maintains a running total of those page accesses. Based on the top admin page accesses, this plugin will display a configurable number of favorites in the drop down menu.



Plugins now have their own section on the site and because of that I’ve moved all related information for the Dynamic Favorites WordPress Plugin. If you’re here for support, please use the Support Forums.

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Favorites WordPress Plugin

  1. Fred Widley says:

    What I would really like is a way to remove the “favorites” entirely.

    • Travis says:

      Hey Fred, What I would suggest doing is creating a new CSS file with a property to set the display of #favorite-actions to display:none. then in your theme’s functions.php you can add something like <?php add_action( 'admin_head', create_function( '', 'echo "’ ) ); ?>

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