Newly Inherited WordPress Plugins

Sep 29 2009 0 Comments

If you know me, then you know that I am a freelance web developer with some strong ties to the wordpress community. A good friend of mine, Matt Martz, has announced recently that he would be passing a couple of his plugins on to other developers to maintain and he asked me last night if I thought I might be interested. Well, as busy as I am lately, I was interested and I have agreed to take on 2 of his plugins to maintain. Truth is i have a few plugins that i would like to release to the community that were written by myself but with work and family i havent had the time to do so. So this is an oppritunity to help get my name out there and get a little more involved in the community. I’ve been developing on wordpress’ platform for sometime now and have written quite a few exclusive plugins, widgets, and themes for clients but never anything that was freely available to the community itself.

Anyway I thank Matt for the oppritunity and I hope that some great things will come of it.

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