Inspiration, what inspires you?

Apr 13 2008 0 Comments

Well, here it is sunday night at about 6:30pm. nothing to do and i have not touched my camera in about a week. she sits in the closet in her cozy little backpack awaiting my return. I can hear her begging for attention, for me to take her out and show her the world. but what do i want to show her? something new that neither of us have seen through her lens. and i’m lost. i have nothing to show her. nothing that i can think of anyways. I am feeling very uninspired right about now.

So, i ask you.. what inspires you to take a photograph? as a hobbyist there’s no money that makes the decisions for me. Even i were a professional photographer i still feel that it is truly important to make time for personal projects. After a while, client work is bound to get boring at some point and personal projects are a good way to get away from the boundaries that are set by demanding clients. you can be as creative as you like when it’s for you. not so much for a client. not 100% of the time anyways.

I would love to do some portraits right about now but that involves someone to model. hrmmm, maybe we can dress up John like a ninja or a mexican. I don’t know just shooting out some ideas here. I think there’s a sombrero around here somewhere! hehe. I left my sword at my parents house though so the ninja idea is out for a little bit. Wonder what else we could do. I have been planning a ninja shoot for a long time now but have not gotten the outfits or anything together as of yet. Costumes are a bit expensive! know any good rental houses? that would be nice if I could rent some instead of purchasing them outright.

Well, that is all I have for right now. Just wanted to know what inspires you to pick up your camera and take some photos. I think i have found me some inspiration while writing this post so i think i am going to go and pick up my little Nikon d80 and see what we can’t come up with. Happy shooting.

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